Custom Sized DIY Eurorack Frames

It’s autumn, at least in the northern hemisphere. I notice a significant increase in orders. Looks like you spend more time indoors now, following your hobbies.

Quite frequently I am asked about frames in custom width. Of course everything is possible. Generally it will take a bit longer and might cost more in relation to the standard width (84, 104, 110, 126 and 168HP). This year I delivered frames between 46HP and 212HP, in both variants, silver and black anodised.
The IKEA Rast bedside table/nightstand is quite popular as a Eurorack housing. It perfectly fits a 6U frame with 94HP usable width. The size of the frame is 485 x 266 mm. Custom frames can be equipped with square sliding nuts or threaded inserts.
If you want to calculate your frame and the usable width, please take into account that the side panels are 3 mm thick each.
Example calculation for the IKEA Rast frame:
485 mm – 6 mm (side panels) = 479 mm
479 mm / 5,08 (1HP) = 94,29 ≈ 94HP

If you are interested in custom frames and pricing, please send me an email. You will also get my latest price list.

Eurorack DIY Frames: Clicks and Clocks 3U Custom Frame, 46HP, usable width, silver anodised
Eurorack DIY Frames: Clicks and Clocks 3U Custom Frame, 46HP, usable width, silver anodised

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  1. Hallo Clicks & Clocks,

    ich bin auf deine Seite durch diesen Forumseintrag aufmerksam geworden:

    Ich bin im Moment in der Planung für ein ähnliches DIY-Case und bin daher an einem “Custom-Sized DIY Eurocard Frame” interessiert. Mein Case wäre innen 60cm breit und soll 6HE bereitstellen, also zwei Modulreihen. Mit den 3mm Abzug auf jeder Seite wären das also 594mm, entspricht ca. 116HP, wenn ich mich nicht verrechnet habe.
    Was würde so ein Rahmen ungefähr kosten?

    Mit besten Grüßen,

    Steffen Rörtgen

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