What is Clicks and Clocks?

Clicks and Clocks is a small business and was started in 2012. The main idea is to provide interested people and customers with support and parts for building a case or housing for a Eurorack format modular synthesizer.
The idea grew during the process of building my own case. I needed to order and buy parts at several different online vendors and other shops. This is annoying and wastes time and money. So I started to setup a list of parts. It still grows and I am happy to get your input.

If you have any questions or need help, feel free to contact me: info@clicksclocks.de.
In case you want the latest price list, please send an email to order@clicksclocks.de.

Please keep in mind, if your inquiry is not answered immediately, Clicks and Clocks is a small business and run as a side business to my regular job. I try to keep answering times as short as possible. Business hours are usually in the evening (CET).

Clicks & Clocks
Stefan Burbulla
Riemannstraße 15
10961 Berlin