DIY Eurorack Console Case – The Wooden Side Panels, 1st Step

Quick status update on my console case. I dived a bit into woodworking and started routing the wooden side panels

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The works on wooden side panels have started. First time ever using a proper router, amazing tool. Does exactly what I needed. I routed the shape of the panels out of 24mm multiplex wood. This was a step I had a lot of respect for, as I never handled a router before. So I started with an easy straight line and then step by step raised the bar a bit higher. There are two edges where I need to add some wood again, but some dues you have to pay when learning.
Next step will be drilling, sanding, staining the wood and then finishing with oil. I will keep you updated.

ClicksClock Eurorack console case with wooden side wings
Eurorack console case with wooden side wings

Here are some impressions from my first experiences with woodworking and some shots off the drilled bottom and rear panels.

DIY Eurorack: Side Panels 3U and 6U

This is actually a simple exercise but if you are not a handyman and have the right tools it might get annoying. This is why I am trying to organise a groupbuy for this side panels.

This is what it is all about. A prototype of a 3U side panel for fixing the rails on a rack (still missing the drillings for fixing). Sure, you can fix the rails directly on the rack, but using the panels is way more elegant.

Eurorack Sidepanels 3HE with Module
Sidepanels 3HE with Module

You will find more details on Muffwiggler or on the German Sequencer Forum. If you have questions just leave a comment or send an email