DIY Eurorack Console Case – After the Powder Coating

The rear and bottom panel were powder coated last week, now assembling again.

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It was part of the concept of case that the aluminium panels should have a nice colour. Okay, it can be discussed if RAL 7016 is a colour at all, as grey is not considered to be a colour. From the beginning on I wanted to use the same service I’ve used for my bike frame. They did a very good job and that’s why I choose them again. The pricing is decent as well.

ClicksClocks Console Case powder coated total view
Console Case powder coated total view

For my own enjoyment I needed to assemble the case one more time before the final steps. All boards are mounted on the rear and bottom panels, 4 PSUs and 8 busboards. The mains inlet is set up, and so I could start with the wiring of all components. I am really proud of what I have achieved so far. It’s not that much left to do and I am really looking forward to turn some nobs soon.
Some impressions:

Clicks and Clocks Custom 3U Frames

Individual width for the 3U or 6U frames

The frames can be taylored to your needs. The picture shows 168HP frames (860 x 133 x 30 mm) with threaded inserts and 110HP frames (568 x 133 x 30 mm) with sliding nuts. Probably I can offer the frames in black soon.
If you need parts for your own case, just contact me via email and ask for the latest price list

ClicksClocks 3U frames 168HP and 110HP
3U frames 168HP and 110HP