New: 2HP Passive Multiple

Expandable Multiple, 2 x 4 or 1 x 8 Sockets – Black or silver, ready to use or as DIY kit

The 2HP wide passive multiple can be used for audio signals as well as for control voltages/CV. It has two modes, 2 by 4 (dual) or 1 by 8 (single) sockets. Easily selectable with a toggle switch. The module can be ordered with silver or black anodised front panel.

Clicks and Clocks 2HP Expandable Passive Multiple
Clicks and Clocks, 2HP Expandable Passive Multiple, switchable from 2 x 4 sockets to 1 by 8 sockets

The DIY kit is easy to assemble even for beginners. Just the direction of the toggle switch has to be checked before. The sockets can only be inserted in one direction. The front panel has to be mounted carefully, so it doesn‘t bend. When mounted it is stable because of the overall construction of the module with the PCB. The slotted nuts of the sockets can be tighten up with the fingers or a screwdriver that fits in.

2HP Expandable Passive Multiple DIY kit
Clicks and Clocks, 2HP Expandable Passive Multiple, DIY kit

The Mother Of All Frames

New frame sizes in 3U and 6U

As there were several requests for 60HP frames I decided to add this format to my regular offer. The frames perfectly fit the Moog® Mother 32 or DFAM modules.
Just ask for the latest price list.

6U 60HP black anodised frame
Clicks & Clocks 6U 60HP black anodised frame

I still do

It’s been a long time without postings here. But as the title suggests, I am still doing my business.

As there were some requests for side panels in the 1U Intellijel format – here they are. They are not yet listed in the current price list but the prices are similar to the 3U side panels. Frames are also available in the standard sizes. Just ask.

Clicks & Clocks 1U Intellijel format side panel
Clicks and Clocks 1U Intellijel format side panels

Another busy year ends

Not many posts this year, not many news. But a lot of work. You kept me busy throughout 2016.

Since August I have rented this small Souterrain (basement) and moved in with all my workshop. As I am doing most of my business online, it is more a workshop, than a shop. But of course you can come around and check out all my Eurorack DIY parts and have chat.
I usually open on appointment, if I am not there anyhow. As I am doing most of my orders on demand, it doesn’t make sense to come around to just buy something. Just request the price list and an offer before visiting.

For the next two weeks I will recharge my batteries for 2017. I will respond to mails and send price lists and offers, but not ship any orders.

Enjoy the holiday season and if you celebrate, a peaceful Christmas and a smooth start of 2017.

Clicks & Clocks Workshop/Shop inside view
Clicks & Clocks Shop/Workshop inside view

Coming Soon: The Clicks & Clocks Shop and Workshop

It has been a dream since I started with my small business. Finally I found the space that fits the needs.

This small Souterrain (basement), as we say in Berlin, will be mainly a workshop and storage room. But of course you can come around and check out all the Eurorack DIY parts I offer and ask question etc. The idea is to open on Saturdays in the afternoon for a few hours. You should always ask me before.
Probably I can manage to organise a case building workshop in the future or something similar. Let’s see. First I have to move all my stuff and set up the space. I will keep you updated.

Clicks & Clocks Shop/Workshop View from the right
Clicks & Clocks Shop/Workshop View from the right