DIY Eurorack: Spannungsversorgung (PSU) und Busboards

Interessanterweise bekomme ich die meisten Anfragen aus dem Ausland. Das freut mich natürlich, gleichzeitig wundert es mich aber auch. Liegt das vielleicht nur daran, dass ich hier überwiegend in Englisch poste? Deshalb mal wieder was auf Deutsch. – English version

Hier ein paar Bilder der Clicks and Clocks Eurorack Spannungsversorgung (PSU) und der Busboards. Zu Beginn wollte ich eigentlich nur ein pultartiges Case für meinen Eurorack-Modularsynthesizer bauen. Da ich mindestens vier Spannungsversorgungen benötigte, dachte ich von anfang an über eine eigene Lösung nach Doepfer-Vorbild nach. Ich weiß, dass es günstige Schaltnetzteile gibt, aber mich reizte die Aufgabe und ich wollte Erfahrungen sammeln.
Es war klar, dass ich einige überzählige Spannungsversorgungen und Busboards haben werde. Wer dran interessiert ist und Preise und Versandkosten erfahren möchte, schickt mir bitte eine E-Mail

ClicksClocks – Spannungsversorgung (PSU) 1
ClicksClocks – Spannungsversorgung (PSU) 2
ClicksClocks – Spannungsversorgung (PSU) Unterseite
ClicksClocks – Busboards
ClicksClocks – Busboard 5V Option
ClicksClocks Bundle – 2 Busboards und 1 PSU

TECHNISCHER HINWEIS: Bitte sei Dir darüber bewusst, dass das Netzteil Netzspannung führt (115 or 230 V AC). Aus Sicherheitsgründen darf die Installation nur von Fachpersonal durchgeführt werden. ACHTUNG: Bei unsachgemäßer Handhabung besteht Lebensgefahr!
Dies ist ein privater Blog, es geht darum Wissen zu teilen. Keine Garantie und Haftung.

DIY Eurorack: Power Supply and Busboards

Here are some pictures of the Clicks and Clocks Eurorack power supply (PSU) and the busboards. – Deutsche Version

The project was started to build my very own Eurorack case. It was clear that I will have some superfluous boards which I could sell. Who ever is interested in pricing and other modalities, please contact me. Some more details about the PSU.

ClicksClocks – PSU Power Supply 1
ClicksClocks – PSU Power Supply 2
ClicksClocks – PSU Power Supply Bottom Side
ClicksClocks – Busboards
ClicksClocks – Busboard 5V Option
ClicksClocks Bundle – 2 Busboards and 1 PSU

TECHNICAL DISCLAIMER: Please be aware that the power supply carries mains voltage (115 or 230 V AC). According to the safety rules the installation has to be done by qualified personnel only. Please keep that in mind: Danger to Life!
This is a private blog, and it is about sharing experiences. No warranty at all.

DIY Eurorack: The Bus Board PCBs arrived – die Busplatinen sind da

Finally the bus boards for my Eurorack case arrived. Multi CB delivered after less than two weeks, although three weeks was expected. All parts fit perfectly. – Endlich sind die Eurorack Busplatinen eingetroffen. Multi CB hat nach weniger als zwei Wochen geliefert, auch wenn 3 Wochen angekündigt waren. Alle Teile passen perfekt.

I will spend the next days with soldering the bus board. It is some work to do as each board has 14×16 pin connectors. I plan to sell the superfluous boards as well as I will do with the PSUs.

Die nächsten Tage werde ich damit verbringen die Busboards zu löten. Es ist schon ein bisschen Arbeit, da jedes Board 14 Stiftleisten mit je 16 Kontakten enthält.

Here are some impressions from soldering the first board – Hier sind einige Impressionen vom Löten des ersten Boards.

Clicks and Clocks Busboards parts
ClicksClocks Eurorack Bus Boards arrived
The Clicks & Clocks Eurorack Bus Boards arrived
Clicks & Clocks Eurorack Bus Boards soldering – step #1
Clicks & Clocks Eurorack Bus Boards soldering - step #2
Clicks & Clocks Eurorack Bus Boards soldering – step #2
Clicks & Clocks Eurorack Bus Boards
The Clicks & Clocks Eurorack Bus Boards

DIY Eurorack-Case, the Busboards

The prototype of the power supply is almost done. Just a few parts missing. Once it is completed it will be tested and the output voltages will be adjusted. I am curious to see if it works as expected. Some notes about the PCB. Before I ordered the boards, I send an email to Doepfer asking if it would be allowed to sell the superfluous boards. Dieter Doepfer answered me, yes I can sell the boards if I make sure that the boards are not from Doepfer and any warranty is covered by myself. He also answered some questions about the boards, which was very helpful. I think I will send him one of my PSUs to ask for permission again. I don’t want to get in trouble because I am copying his intellectual property.

ClicksClocks Eurorack Power Supply, almost done.

Time to focus on the next steps: The Busboard. My case will need eight Busboards. The PCB layout is finished for quite a while. It is a double layer board. The top layer is used as ground and the bottom layer has the traces for +12 V, -12 V, +5 V, Gate and CV. The layers are a bit thicker than usually, just to be on the save side. As some Eurorack modules need +5 V I decided to add a 7805 circuit to the board to be able to power them. The boards will be ordered soon.
ClicksClocks Eurorack Layout Busboard Detail

The rails and other parts for the case were ordered today at Gie-Tec. The four rows of the case are double 19 inch which adds up to a total 672 HP. The case should have wooden side-wings and an aluminium housing, which should be powder coated. This is the rough plan. More in short.

DIY Eurorack-Case, the Power Supply Boards arrived

The Eurorack Power Supply Board

Today the PCBs arrived and I had to start soldering one immediately. You will notice that the layout is similar to the Doepfer PSU. I tried to develop a complete own board but I have to admit that the design is compelling. The circuit uses the LM 317 and 337 adjustable regulators, they deliver the +12V and -12V, a ringcore transformer, a bridge rectifier and a few other parts. I tried several layouts with this parts, but the Doepfer layout is the best. I think they perfected it over the years. I know that my board is a copy though but it was still a lot of research needed to get all the parts together and finally create the layout. As I will need at least four PSUs, I decided to let the boards be produced by a company. But this only makes sense if you order more than 10 or 20 pieces. So I might have some “in stock”…
First I have to finish my prototype to see if everything works as expected. Then I will order the parts for the “serial” production.
Assembling the Eurorack Power Supply