Introducing: The Black Edition Eurorack Materials

From now on you can choose between black or silver. In addition to the still available DIY materials and parts I can now offer most of the parts in black.

The first quarter of 2014 is over and I was really busy with getting everything together for the Black Edition, and I am really proud of it. Lots of research done, so not just the frames are available in black, also screw and washers fit with the black anodised aluminium.
I also had to decide if I am going to offer power supplies and busboards again. As I am planning a new case, I made another small batch of PSU’s and busboards. Some of them going on sale as well. And as it is the Black Edition, even the PCBs for busboards and power supplies are black.

Eurorack DIY Materials: Clicks and Clocks 6U Frame, Black Edition
Eurorack DIY Materials: Clicks and Clocks 6U Frame, Black Edition

If you have questions or want the new price list please contact me via email.

Here is a gallery of what’s new on the price list.

2 Replies to “Introducing: The Black Edition Eurorack Materials”

  1. HI

    Im interested in parts for making a cabinet for my SMS salamander synthesiser ..

    so I would be interested in rails , screws, plastic nuts …

    do you have a data sheet for BLACK rails please .. I would be interested in 6 pcs long 760 mm … so

    need price for that rails ( + data sheet if you have it )
    + supporting part

    also would need black and transparent plastics that go under screws

    thanx a lot !


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