Preview: Coming soon, 4U frames in flexible width, 3U + 1U for tiles

As I was asked several times if I could provide frames in 1U size, I decided to give it a thought. This is the first prototype.

The 4U frame is a combination for normal 3U Eurorack modules and 1U tiles. Here you can find the dimensions of the 1U tiles.
The dimensions of a 84HP 4U frame will be 433 x 181 x 30 mm (width x height x depth). The height is split in two rows, 3U – 133 mm and 1U – 48 mm. If you need a 7U frame you can easily combine a 4U and 3U frame.
For now the frames and side panels will be available only in silver anodised. It will still take some time to get the panels. I will keep you updated once the new frames and side panels are available.

Eurorack DIY Materials: Clicks and Clocks 4U Frame, flexible width, silver anodised
Available in flexible width, standard 84, 104, 110, 126 and 168HP. With threaded inserts or square sliding nuts

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