DIY Power supply for Polivoks Modular System

I would like to share with you how i used the Clicks&Clocks Power Supply and busboard on my DIY modular synth system.
I had somebody make a wooden cabinet, painted red with yellow CCCP letters on the back just like the russian flag used to be.
I thought that would make a nice cabinet for a Polivoks clone modular synth. I am going to base the system on The Harvest Man Polivoks VCG and VCF units.
As Power supply i chose the Clicks&Clocks since it is a cheaper alternative for the Doepfer DiY kit. I am not finished yet but early tests of the power supply show that it is pretty stable and clean. See the images and you have an idea of how i installed it all. Some little things to do still, but you get the idea.
I measured +12.00Vdc and -11.99Vdc at the power supply terminals, unloaded.
I used only one busboard yet, as i think it will be enough for this system. 14 connectors should be enough i guess. If not i can easily add another.
The CV and Gate jumpers each are now wired to a 6.5mm jack socket on the back. Through that it is then possible to stack another cabinet on top and feed the CV and Gate through, usefull for units that require CV and Gate. Just an idea, haven’t tested it yet.

Well this is my second modular i build (the first one was a Macbeth Micromac system, pics available on my facebook page) and if you have any questions or suggestions just respond to this blog. it is always appreciated.
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  1. Hi Richard,

    it makes me really proud to see such a beautiful case equipped with the Clicks and Clocks PSU and the busboard.

    Regarding the connection of two cases, sharing Gate and CV, I should probably consider better connectors in the future. I think it’s not very handy.
    I first thought you want to share Gate and CV for two busboards, which is easy with an individual flat kabel with only two strands using the normal connectors. But I think you know this 🙂

    When I started with this project, I also considered to use better connectors for the boards, but this would have increased the price dramatically.

    After all the work with the boards I will now continue with my own case project. Once that’s done I consider my first own module. Let’s see…


  2. Hey Rich, interesting stuff. Very keen on building one of these myself as well, actually looking to do something very similar. New to the world of modular synths though, and of course a big learning curve.

    I have a few (maybe noob!) questions I was curious about.

    I love the little eurorack Lunchbox case, not sure about spec or power supplies so much though, would that work?

    Love the nasty agressive tones of the Polivoks, do you think these two modules are enough to maintain enough of the character and tonality / wildness of the original synth, or do more things need to be added to get that?

    1. Hello, sorry bout my late reply.
      actualy i have sold the cabinet and the polivoks unit, since obtaining another vco is very hard and i didn’t want to wait anylonger. Though i still like the idea of building a modular Polivoks very much. i believe the Harvestman will also be issuing a adsr and vca module this year. but i really have given up the idea as of now. i had only one vco and the vcf and that took several months and i waiting for the 2nd vco seemed endless. it such fun building modular systems but many moduls are so hard to get, unfortunatly. however i hope you get yours as you like and share it with us. I wouldn’t use the lunchbox case, it’s so damn small you find it frustrating soon, i think the lunchbox is nice for experimenting or so. but the polivoks would deserve a nice big cabinet, with those very nice looking modules one can really make an eyecatcher and earcandy! Have Fun!

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