DIY Eurorack: Power Supply and Busboards

Here are some pictures of the Clicks and Clocks Eurorack power supply (PSU) and the busboards. – Deutsche Version

The project was started to build my very own Eurorack case. It was clear that I will have some superfluous boards which I could sell. Who ever is interested in pricing and other modalities, please contact me. Some more details about the PSU.

ClicksClocks – PSU Power Supply 1
ClicksClocks – PSU Power Supply 2
ClicksClocks – PSU Power Supply Bottom Side
ClicksClocks – Busboards
ClicksClocks – Busboard 5V Option
ClicksClocks Bundle – 2 Busboards and 1 PSU

TECHNICAL DISCLAIMER: Please be aware that the power supply carries mains voltage (115 or 230 V AC). According to the safety rules the installation has to be done by qualified personnel only. Please keep that in mind: Danger to Life!
This is a private blog, and it is about sharing experiences. No warranty at all.

8 Replies to “DIY Eurorack: Power Supply and Busboards”

  1. Hello Stefan,
    bought 2 of these Power Supply kits and busboard from you and they are great!
    Unit is very nice build, real quality work. Very stable and clean power supply. I can recommend it to anyone looking to build a modular system them selves.
    Service is great and also is the documentation.
    Thanks again for your patians and good help.



  2. Hi Stefan,
    I am looking for building a modular system and I would like some information and pricing about your PSU and bus boards kits.
    Thanks in advance.

  3. Stephan, I am interested in your PSU and busboards, not to mention some of your case parts. Do you have a price list you could send me? Your designs look great. One of my concerns is shipping cost to California. Thanks, Scott

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