DIY Eurorack: Power Supply and Busboards

Here are some pictures of the Clicks and Clocks Eurorack power supply (PSU) and the busboards. – Deutsche Version

The project was started to build my very own Eurorack case. It was clear that I will have some superfluous boards which I could sell. Who ever is interested in pricing and other modalities, please contact me. Some more details about the PSU.

ClicksClocks – PSU Power Supply 1
ClicksClocks – PSU Power Supply 2
ClicksClocks – PSU Power Supply Bottom Side
ClicksClocks – Busboards
ClicksClocks – Busboard 5V Option
ClicksClocks Bundle – 2 Busboards and 1 PSU

TECHNICAL DISCLAIMER: Please be aware that the power supply carries mains voltage (115 or 230 V AC). According to the safety rules the installation has to be done by qualified personnel only. Please keep that in mind: Danger to Life!
This is a private blog, and it is about sharing experiences. No warranty at all.

8 Replies to “DIY Eurorack: Power Supply and Busboards”

  1. Hello Stefan,
    bought 2 of these Power Supply kits and busboard from you and they are great!
    Unit is very nice build, real quality work. Very stable and clean power supply. I can recommend it to anyone looking to build a modular system them selves.
    Service is great and also is the documentation.
    Thanks again for your patians and good help.



  2. Hi Stefan,
    I am looking for building a modular system and I would like some information and pricing about your PSU and bus boards kits.
    Thanks in advance.

  3. Hiya,

    I’m curious if you still have any power setups left. If so, how much are you selling them for and postage to Australia.



  4. Stephan, I am interested in your PSU and busboards, not to mention some of your case parts. Do you have a price list you could send me? Your designs look great. One of my concerns is shipping cost to California. Thanks, Scott

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