DIY Eurorack: Side Panels 3U and 6U

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This is actually a simple exercise but if you are not a handyman and have the right tools it might get annoying. This is why I am trying to organise a groupbuy for this side panels.

This is what it is all about. A prototype of a 3U side panel for fixing the rails on a rack (still missing the drillings for fixing). Sure, you can fix the rails directly on the rack, but using the panels is way more elegant.

Eurorack Sidepanels 3HE with Module

Sidepanels 3HE with Module

You will find more details on Muffwiggler or on the German Sequencer Forum. If you have questions just leave a comment or send an email

One Comment

  1. I am interested in purchasing some hardware for a custom case that I’m building. It will be 6 x 104HP 3U similar to this one:

    but with side panels like this:

    Basically I would need 6 and 8 of these:

    Can you tell me the price and availability with shipping to London?

    Thank you,


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